Ideas for the Perfect Proposal

Congratulations! You are ready to pop the question have the ring in hand! So, what is your next step? How will you propose to your girlfriend/boyfriend? We have put together a list of some very good (and a few bad) ideas. The purpose is to get your creative juices flowing.

  1. Propose at a theater – In advance, talk to the stage manage to assist you with the arrangements.
  2. Recreate your first date or the first time you told each other “I Love You”
  3. Propose at a Restaurant – We have learned that proposing in restaurants are the 2nd most popular places to propose – this behind proposing at home. If you are planning on proposing at a restaurant, talk to the manager a head of time to make this very special.
  4. Propose on the radio – If your special someone listens to the same radio station every morning or during work, arrange a proposal over the air with the station manager.
  5. Propose with Jigsaw Puzzle – Give him or her a jigsaw puzzle with you holding a sign that reads “Will you Marry Me?” You can order this at
  6. Propose with Photo Album – Make an album of your entire relationship with the last page reading “will you marry me?”
  7. Hide the ring – Place in the engagement ring in a place she will find it very easily.For example, let her find the engagement ring sitting in her room on her favorite stuff animal.
  8. Propose at home – #1 most popular place to propose – why not propose in the place you both feel most comfortable – at your house. For example, propose at home and then fly him/her to Miami for a surprise weekend get away.
  9. Go on vacation or get a hotel room – Talk to the hotel ahead of time to have you room filled with roses when she walks in.
  10. Propose with flowers – Buy her/him a dozen roses and have the card read “Will you Marry?”
  11. Languages of Love – Purchase a blank book and write “I Love You” and “Will you Marry Me?” in different languages. The last page should read”Will you Marry Me?” in english
  12. Write it in the sky – Hire a glider to write your message in the sky
  13. The Old-Fashion Engagement – Go down on one knee with one rose
  14. Treasure Hunt – Send your special someone on a treasure hunt with you at the last location
  15. The Next Mrs./Mr. ____ – Purchase a t-shirt reading “The Next Mrs/Mr_______”. Tell her/him that you have a gift for her, when she opens it up the box with the t-shirt, pull out the engagement ring
  16. Propose over a homemade dinner – Cook your special someone his/her favorite meal.
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